Stress Relief, Fears and Phobias

Fears, phobias and anxiety can ruin lives. For some people this means that they cannot do the normal, everyday things they used to be able to do. For some, just going out of the house produces anxiety and stress that is so strong they simply stop going out.

Ordinary activities like going in a lift, going to the dentist, or going abroad on a plane are just too frightening for some people to even think about. Some fears can be common - spiders, heights, needles. Some fears can be extremely unusual.

Stress has become an almost inevitable consequence of 21st Century living. The job, the family, trying to "juggle" too many "balls", trying to be successful at too many things all at once - the reasons for our being stressed are many. Poor health, poor eating habits, too little exercise and not enough sleep and relaxation time can all contribute to our high stress levels.

Depression and anxiety can develop following a trauma, accident or bereavement, or from an overload of stress.

The unconscious mind, the part of the mind that holds our memories, our imagination and our habits, works to ensure that we are continuously protected from harm. It remembers to breathe continuously, to swim in water, to drive a car.

Fortunately, once it has learned a skill or habit it does not forget it. So, once you have learned to swim or drive a car you will not forget. Unfortunately, the unconscious mind remembers "bad" habits too. It remembers how to smoke a cigarette, how to drink alcohol, or how to be afraid of certain situations. And it does this because, at one time, even bad habits made you feel better!

When your unconscious mind creates stress, fear or anxiety it does so for what seems, at the time, to be a good reason. Unfortunately, it made a mistake. Maybe you did once fall downstairs - but that does not mean you should never stand at the top of a staircase again in case you should fall.

Or maybe you once did get stuck in a lift. But that is a rare occurrence and it is unlikely to happen to you again. Maybe nothing happened to you. Perhaps you were there when something happened to someone else and you noticed their fear. Perhaps an adult screamed at a mouse when you were a child. Surely, if an adult is frightened, then a child has to be frightened too - don't they?

Even the thought of something bad happening, or of failure, can spark stress or fear. What if you go on stage and make a fool of yourself? What if you say the wrong thing? Of course, the more you ask yourself these questions the more your imagination will show you how your body would react "if".

Your mind does not know the difference between what is really happening and what is imagined. So imagining the pain, the fear, the embarrassment means your body will actually feel it as though it were really happening. If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating, with your heart pounding, in that state where you think that the dream was real even though you are now awake - that is the power of the unconscious imagination at work. Because you were being chased in a dream you will understand how the imagination can affect the physical body when you are awake!

So, if we explained to your unconscious mind that it had made a mistake, that it didn't have to protect you by making you fearful, anxious or stressed, but would be better protecting you from something worse - the negative effects of the fear, anxiety and stress - would that be better?

Of course it would!

We do this using hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We literally re-programme your unconscious mind - for good!

Your session will include: Understanding where your "issue" comes from and the mistake your mind has made. You will learn simple, easy techniques for changing your feelings and emotions. You will experience hypnosis and NLP - about 30 minutes of relaxation re-training your unconscious mind to protect your from fear, stress and anxiety and to allow you to live the life you deserve to live.