Stop Smoking - What We Can Do For You

I have a tried and tested process to help you stop smoking with a success rate of 95%. In a study conducted over a two year period, of 300 clients who were contacted one month and six months after their session, by telephone, 95% had not returned to smoking.


Hypnosis is really relaxation. By allowing yourself to relax your conscious mind switches off and allows your unconscious mind - the part responsible for your habits - to listen and to change.

NLP is described as the art and science of excellence in communication. In my sessions we use the language of NLP to help us communicate with your unconscious mind, ensuring that the changes YOU WANT TO MAKE are made easily and effortlessly.

By using a powerful, effective combination of advanced hypnosis techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming, we can address all your problems by communicating with the unconscious mind. This is where all our habits and beliefs are formed . . . so this is the long term answer to STOP SMOKING PERMANENTLY.

For most people one session, lasting about an hour and 15 minutes, is enough to stop smoking completely, forever.

In fact my UNIQUE HYPNOSIS techniques make it so easy that when you leave you may never think about smoking again! At last YOU WILL FEEL FULLY IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HABITS! There will be no feelings of deprivation and no feelings of sacrifice. Instead you will have an overwhelming desire to live a healthy and happy life!