Stop Drinking

Ready to Cut Down on your Alcohol intake? – or Cut it out completely?

Are you drinking too often, or too much?

Are you getting through a glass of wine before dinner then a couple more after – most nights? Or are you binging to the point where you don’t remember what you did?

Are you are getting frightened by the amount you’re drinking – getting up in the morning feeling terrible or wondering if you should be driving yourself to work – or your kids to school?

Or perhaps you’re trying to lose weight but failing because of the “empty calories” of alcohol?

Or are you just spending more than you earn and looking for a way to make some savings?

Whatever your reason I can help.

The hypnotherapy and NLP processes I use help you to break the habit of coming home from work and opening a bottle; having one drink then having another; using alcohol as an emotional prop.

According to NHS Statistics 72% of men and 57% of women reported drinking an alcoholic drink on at least one day in the week. 12% of men and 7% of women reported drinking on every day in the previous week.

In 2006/07, there were 57,142 NHS hospital admissions in England with a primary diagnosis specifically related to alcohol. This number has risen by 52% since 1995/96.

Your motivation may be to lengthen your life, preserve your health, or keep money in your pocket. It doesn’t matter why you want to stop as long as you do WANT to stop.

You can choose to cut down dramatically – or stop completely. The techniques I use are different but the results are the same. You are back in control.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life then call Paul now.

One session to change your life.