Habits and Behaviours

Are you embarrassed by a habit you have? Have you tried to stop? Maybe through 'will power' or another method but to no avail? If the answer to any of these questions is ' yes', then you could benefit from our Habits Hypnotherapy, here at Hypnotherapy Associates.

Many habits stay with us from childhood, we might think that we will grow out of these habits, many people do, but some don’t.

Why habits can be hard to beat alone, is that the habit pathways formed in the mind create a conditioned response in the ‘unconscious mind’, this makes trying to change a habit consciously, through 'will power' alone very difficult. This is where Habits Hypnotherapy and Habits NLP really make a difference. Our automatic responses and behaviours, including habits, are stored within the ‘unconscious’ part of our minds. Through Habits Hypnosis and NLP, we re-work this automatic response in the ‘unconscious’ mind so you behave differently, free of the habit. Through our Habits Hypnotherapy, when you are in situations where you used to 'do your habit', you will find yourself doing something different i.e. not picking, biting etc. The old habit can be replaced with a sense of calm and freedom, so you feel in control of yourself and your behaviours, not the habit.

Most habits are very easy to treat, requiring only one to three sessions, so if you are ready to change and give up an old childhood habit, do contact us, we look forward to helping you as we have many other successful clients in the past, through our Habits Hypnotherapy techniques.