Anxiety develops from being regularly stressed. It can be grounded in past or present events and triggered by patterns of experience. Anxiety can be acute (short-lived) or chronic (ongoing). Anxious people have a tendency to be pessimistic, expecting the worse outcome. They have fears and possibly phobias, worry a lot and generally have low self-confidence.

Do you ever feel stressed or anxious, sometimes for no obvious reason?

Do social situations and meeting new people bother you?

Are feelings of panic stopping you from leading a full social life?

If you had to talk to a group of people would that cause you to worry excessively?

At times we can all experience periods of stress and anxiety in our lives.

A certain level of anxiety is quite normal and indeed can be advantageous. It can improve our performance in work and play if kept with certain bounds. It is where there is loss of control due to being over-stressed or anxious that mind and body are overloaded.